Short Term Trips

Short-term trips can be highly impactful in the lives of the team members as well as the individuals we come in contact with while on the trip. Short-term trips are usually organized once yearly though NCC. These experiences provide lifelong stories of how God has worked in amazing ways cross-culturally!

Domestic Partners

The Rock Christian Youth Center

The Rock is a non-profit organization that strives to do the following:
- Establish and operate the Christian Youth Center to provide a fun, safe, Christian
   environment for the Jr. & Sr. High Students of the Norton County Region.
- To Promote and provide an inter-denominational atmosphere where youth can be
   encouraged in their faith, and Christian growth.
- To strive to help each youth to realize his or her uniqueness and special God-given
   abilities that each alone possesses.
- To provide area youth access to educational Christian resources.
- To involve the community and region in the development and ongoing operation of
  the above facility.
- To solicit and receive funds for the accomplishment of the above purposes.

Dr. Adina Ness

Dr. Adina was born and raised in Romania. Her father was the director of an orphanage. Dr. Adina spent many hours with him helping care for the children and grew a deep desire to help people. Dr. Adina saw a need for medical and dental care.

For many years, Dr. Adina has been providing free dental care to underprivileged children in Romania, Central America, and the United States.

Rachel Owsley

Rachel is currently located in Joplin, MO where she is a full-time recruiter for Pioneer Bible Translators. As a recruiter for PBT, Rachel walks alongside individuals in a pastoral relationship to help them explore how their gifts, passions and skills can be used in Kingdom service.

Bent Nail Ministries

In January 2020, Bent Nail Ministries was started, to provide different options for short-term mission trips, to fulfill the” Great Commission”; Go and Make Disciples. (Mathew 28:19-20).
 To date we have connected with Tiny House Ministries of Anabel, Missouri, Eight Days of Hope of Tupelo, Mississippi and Casas por Cristo of El Paso, Tx.  Upcoming mission trips are being planned with all three organizations. More ministry partnerships are being sought.

Manhattan Christian College

Manhattan Christian College is a private institution of higher education, committed to the Christian mission of winning the world to Christ. With the conviction that every member of the body of Christ is a minister, the college seeks to foster in all students a world-wide vision of the mission of the church: preparing them to be servant leaders as Christ modeled and challenged us all to become, providing opportunities for spiritual growth toward Christian maturity, and promoting the Restoration Movement ideal of becoming Christ’s church as revealed in the New Testament.

Lakeview Christian Camp

Our vision at Lakeview is to grow in the number of people reached for Christ. We envision our camp being open and accessible to more people including those who have special needs.

Lakeview hosts summer camps for children throughout the summer and provides the facilities for other ministry events through the year.

Norton Ministerial Alliance

The Norton County Ministerial Alliance is an association of area Christian Churches and ministers.

The Alliance seeks to reflect the love of Jesus Christ by providing Christian support to Norton County.  The Alliance meets on the third Thursday of each month during the school year.  Representatives from all Christian congregations in Norton County are invited to participate.

Christian Evangelism Association of Kansas

The CEA believes every person in Kansas should have a viable community of faith as expressed in the New Testament. The CEA is committed to starting and strengthening congregations through the State of Kansas that can meet the needs of individual communities and be self-supporting within a reasonable time frame.

International Partners

Living Water Children's Center - Kenya

Living Water Children's Center is a Gather the Outcasts ministry in Kenya. Here, children have access to food, education, agricultural and construction education, and spiritual discipleship.

Carlos & Sarah Labriel - Americas & Ecuador

Planted a local church in Cuenca Ecuador, the third largest city in Ecuador. From there we will plant daughter churches in the more rural areas surrounding Cuenca. The final step will be to train men to go into the last five considered "unreached" people groups of Ecuador and plant churches there. We will be working with an enormous range of people types. City people, village people, tribal people, even USA retirees, as Cuenca is one of the top retirement cities in the world.

Insight Resources International

IRI is in the business of changing lives. Technically, we help people build essential ways of thinking and self-directed, empowered identities through seminars and ongoing coaching. Through our training, we equip people with the cognitive tools they need to engage in life to a degree they were unable to previously attain. Our participants have gained the tools necessary to make drastic improvements in, not only their working environment, but also their communities and families as well.

Brazil Christian Mission - Brazil

Starla de Azevedo is missionary daughter to L. David & Ruth Sanders.  She has worked with her daughter Kalinka in a ministry to the poor.  Kalinka and family, along with Luiz (Starla's husband) are in process of immigrating to the U.S. Starla presently resides with another daughter, Kyula, in Kansas City area.
Bruno Moraes is a church planter in Recife, the city where Starla has been working.  Bruno and Lucy are committed to the Restoration Movement of Christian Churches, are seeking to do in Recife what the Sanders ministry did in Brasilia; start Christian Churches that multiply in number and to the glory of God.

Livingstone International University - Uganda

LivingStone International University is located in Uganda, the country with the youngest population in the world and an increasing number of students each year.
The LivingStone experience is unique, with market-driven degree programs, hands-on training and a Christ-centered culture that is changing lives. Here at LivingStone International University, we are dedicated to supporting the university as it transforms Africa.

North Burma Christian Mission - North Burma & Thailand

The North Burma Christian Mission (NBCM) has been supported by the Norton Christian Church (NCC) for many years.  The founders,  J. Russell & Gertrude Morse, began in China in 1921, primarily in Burma/Myanmar and now in Thailand.  Their sons, Eugene and Robert and families have continued the work.

The Morse family arrived in Thailand in 1973 to continue working primarily with the Lisu, Rawang, other tribes and now with the Thai.

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